In this section I will talk a little about things that have inspired my writing and also might make note of things that could turn up in future work: 


ShortStoryBlogging said...

Dinner Date

I wrote Dinner Date after having a conversation with a friend who was starting to wonder if she would ever have children. I envy her 'foot loose' life style and she just wanted to be a Mum.
I decided to make them sisters because no matter how we might envy our siblings, underneath it we want them to be happy and love them.
I hope you enjoy the read.

ShortStoryBlogging said...

Rage Therapy

I wrote Rage Therapy with the intention of focussing on how we can deal with the shock of someone's actions throwing us in to turmoil rather than focussing on the actual break up of a relationship.

ShortStoryBlogging said...

You may have noticed that I have been writing quite a few stories about 'ex's' lately.

I have been exploring issues around relationship breakdowns, and what would happen if people met their ex under different circumstances, such as having unfinished business.

I hope that they have made for interesting reading.

Best wishes.

499days said...
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ShortStoryBlogging said...

Thank you for your comment, yes I have been giving the topic of 'ex's' a lot of thought. I am working on loss now. Thank you for mentioning the typing error. I hate when they slip through and have amended that now. I look forward to seeing your work.